Erica Ford Talks Leaving LIFE Camp, NYC Cannabis & Focusing on Her Health

Erica Ford stopped by The Angie Martinez Show and delivered a very raw, impactful conversation! The New York City activist who has been in the frontline of her field for over 35 years is now embracing a new life journey that requires less work and more self-care, something she isn’t necessarily used to. 

Considering 8 medical emergency room visits, 40-pounds of lost weight and countless doctors’ visits, Ford has decided to step down from her position at LifeCamp. She explains that her day-to-day management of the company will change, altering her involvement in this career without eliminating it; her partnership with Planes is one of the many jobs she will remain focused on.

She also speaks on her passion for activism, a field that has allowed her to collaborate with many iconic artists and public figures. She specifically recalls a moment when Tupac cussed her out due to her disapproval for cussing, a funny moment they gushed over. 

Ford then shares ideas for cannabis endeavors, a special path she could pursue. Impressively yet not shockingly, she is the first Black Woman owned and led non-profit organization to receive weed permits that allow for the distribution of marijuana. The Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) license allows her to open three dispensaries, with revenue going back to the non-profit with the purpose of supporting and sustaining the communities it serves. With permission to open consumption lounges, she's manifesting plans for the future.

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