Sherri Shepherd Recounts Tracy Morgan and his SHARK Flooding Her Home

Just one day before her comedy show at Chelsea Piers’ City Winery, Sherri Shepherd visited The Angie Martinez Show to speak about all the exciting things happening in her life! The daytime talk show host, who won the 2023 NAACP Image Award for Arts & Entertainment Podcast over friendly competitor Angie, begun the conversation by stating the honor of being nominated alongside an idol. 

Sherri then gets into about a time when Angie visited The View and bought a ridiculous amount of popcorn to help support Sherri’s son and a local charity… well, Angie never received the popcorn — the clip explains both their hilarious reactions better than anyone else could.

Sherri then shares her journey to becoming a talk show host, a hustle that God’s timing supported best. She says, “I know what I bring to the table and who I’m talking to,” which helps her better resonate with people who relate. 

On the topic of relating, the two hosts reminisce on a moment when Sherri was excited to have Angie casually text her. Sherri disclaims that when she’s no longer “fan-crushing” on Angie, she will break the friendship-ice and level up their friendship by randomly sending a nude selfie… the catch? Angie has to prove the connection is real by sending one back! 

The funny conversation about sexiness doesn’t end there; Sherri offers the story about Sheryl Lee Ralph’s handsome son as a trending topic. She also gets into the different types of men her friends have hooked her up with, sharing juicy details the dates’ livelihood. 

The self-proclaimed “Taylor Swift of comedy” also told Angie about the time Tracy Morgan’s shark tank busted and completely ruined her apartment ceiling, wigs and comfort. Angie and Sherri also spoke about the beauty of wearing Kim Kardashian’s

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