Danny Brown Says He's Going To Rehab Following Drunk Rant On Podcast

Danny Brown

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Danny Brown plans to fight his dependency on alcohol before it's too late.

On Tuesday, March 28, the Detroit native confirmed to his Twitter followers that he plans to enter a rehabilitation facility after he went on a drunken rant during an episode of his podcast The Danny Brown Show. Brown vented about the status of his upcoming album Quaranta, which he turned in two years ago. He felt like his project wasn't a priority and sent his followers after his label and his manager Dart Parker. However, he ended up switching gears and called off his army of Twitter trolls.

“Aye chill out with all the #FreeDanny s**t,” he wrote. “I was drunk and talking s**t and that’s why my dumb ass is checking into treatment tomorrow got nothing but love for dart and warp so chill out the album is mastered.”

“That’s why alcohol is something I need to be done with cause it makes me hurt the people that care the most," he told a fan who referred to his previous commands.

Brown has been planning on going to rehab for the past couple of weeks. He first revealed his intentions to seek help during his performance at SXSW earlier this month. While he was on stage, Brown told the crowd that he's getting tired of being drunk and high all day.

“At the end of the day, I’m 42 years old, sitting around smoking blunts all day, and getting drunk is getting old," Brown said according to VIBE. "Y’all have y’all fun but s**t could get dark. I’m going to get help. Honestly, my dumbass supposed to been gone, but I’m broke so I gotta do shows to take my ass in, so shoutout to Dr. Martens."

“Ima go do my lil time," he added. "but I will say this, I made so many songs about doing drugs … sometimes I feel bad about that s**t … if I fu**ed your life up, I’m sorry.”

Hopefully Danny Brown gets the help he needs. His decision to go to rehab comes shortly after he delivered his joint album with JPEGMAFIA, Scaring The H*es. The project has 14 tracks including its sole collaboration with redevil "Kingdom Hearts Key." Stream the project below.


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