Idris Elba Talks About Netflix's Luther, Dave Chappelle, Oscars and MORE!

Idris Elba joined industry-sister Angie Martinez to speak on everything he’s been thinking about recently. Because he’s like family, the conversation was incredibly natural!

The entrepreneur shared many details about his latest project, the Netflix Original—Luther: The Fallen Sun. He tells Angie that he manifested this show into a movie, which begins right where the show ended (in a jail cell… which is real). He also says this character is darker and different than those he’s played in the past, but it’s still extremely fun to embody.

Idris also passionately spoke about New York. He told Angie about how the city grounded him, what makes people seem corny in New York, and the type of energy people need to survive here. 

Elba’s history with the city and comedy is deep; he told Angie about his “Spanish Jose” era at comedy club Caroline’s. During this time, he may or may not have hustled goodies—exchanging with many celebrities including Dave Chappelle (who also roasted him for his hair style back in the day). The star also gave details on what it was like working with Creed’s Michael B. Jordan when he was a child.

His lists of works and accomplishments is very long, including commercials with He tells Angie that the comedic project is something he’d enjoy doing again, although it was different than his popular Stringer Bell performance. Although he said he always feels like he was to “keep a gangsterness about him,” comedy is still something he really enjoys.

With over two decades of artistry under his belt, lessons learned is no stranger. One lesson and belief Idris Elba shares is related to spirituality; because our bodies don’t live forever, he encourages people to figure out what they truly enjoy and do what makes their soul happy. When Angie jokes and asks if that’s a gateway to Elba’s rap career, they joke about freestyling and Idris needing “Jay-Z level bars.” 

The actor also exclaims that acting is a natural calling, a escapism he’s able to find and share through the creation of entertainment films. He also shares desires to teach, which he’s dabbled in thanks to his Instagram Live sessions during quarantine. 

2018’s Sexiest Man Alive told Angie he doesn’t workout, he really wants to win an Oscar Award, he’s interested in doing African-based projects, the many hairstyles he’s had and much more. View the full interview below. 

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