Young Thug's Lawyers Say Rapper Was 'Stunned' By Drug Handoff In Court

Young Thug is facing more allegations following one of his co-defendants gave him a Percocet while they were in court. Despite the terrible optics that were captured on tape, Thugger's lawyers say he was just as surprised by the interaction as everyone else was.

According to a report The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published on Monday, January 23, the YSL founder's lawyers Brian Steel and Keith Adams said their client was "stunned" by the actions of Kahlieff Adams. They assert that Thug, born Jeffrey Williams, had no idea that Adams intended to give him the drug and appeared "startled" after their interaction.

“It is patently clear from the images that there was no communication, solicitation or request from Mr. Williams prior to that,” Steel and Adams told the outlet.

In a motion they filed Monday, Williams' defense lawyers accused the prosecution of distorting the truth about what happened in the courtroom that day. They also believe the prosecution's explanation of the situation was not entirely accurate which put Williams "in a bad light in the eyes of the media and the public." They're convinced that their inaccuracies could "poison the jury pool."

Williams was not hit with any new charges after the incident, but Adams and two other co-defendants were. Adams was actually sent to Grady Memorial Hospital following his interaction with Thug. He apparently ingested contraband, but a defense attorney alleged that deputies used Tasers on Adams in the back room. The incident happened during jury selection so court was adjourned for the day before any potential jurors were questioned. Prosecutors allege that Williams tried to delay court proceedings.

“It is absolutely bewildering as to why the state would blatantly misrepresent the reason for the cessation of courtroom activities in its motion when it knew that assertion was inaccurate,” Williams’ lawyer said.

At least 600 potential jurors have been questioned since the top of January. However, no one has been selected yet. Most of the potential jurors have been asked to be excused because they can't afford to miss six to nine months of work, which is how long Williams' trial is expected to last.

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