Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked Talks Health, Rihanna, Cardi B & MORE!

Jason Lee of media platform Hollywood Unlocked sat down with Angie Martinez in light of his new Revolt program, The Jason Lee Show. During the interview, Angie points out Lee’s ability to ruthlessly spill tea yet still maintain notable relationships, all while being outside. Some of those friendships discussed included Queen Latifah, Rihanna and more.

Lee shared many details about these relationships, including that of his honor to debut Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s baby’s photos. He also brought up Stephen A. Smith’s recent comments about Rihanna in comparison to Beyoncé; he seemingly dragged his hairline and while also noting the tackiness routed in pinning two successful black women against each other (for details on the Smith story, scroll down).

As Angie continues to learn about Lee’s journey in life, he shares important lessons he has learned in the industry: how to code switch, how to communicate, the nuances of business and more. One of the most important lessons? Take personal health serious! Lee shares a wide spectrum of self-care initiatives taken to ensure he’d be able to enjoy his life authentically. When elaborating to Angie, he emphasized the importance of getting STD tested regularly as well as seeking therapy (which is something he did after a severe anxiety attack due to burnout).

Of course, relationships is a conversation that is never off the table with these two! Lee praises Angie’s ability to maintain a healthy love life, which he feels echos his most important relationship-focus: partners should elevate each other while living their own lives, too.

Although this Revolt show is his newborn baby, Jason Lee still spoke on the significant impact of his firstborn project has on his life and society as well. When speaking on its future, he says he wants his platform to be a reliable source people come to rather than one that chases lives and stories. 

They also speak on what celebrity phone numbers they have, places to enjoy social and dating life, managing social media comments and more.

View the entire interview below! 

For details about the Stephen story, click here.

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