NYC’s JFK Airport Named One Of The Worst Airports In The World

Photo: Getty Images

JFK airport in New York City has been named one of the worst airports to travel through in 2022.

Ever wonder how many delays flights experienced over the last year?! Well according to the The Bureau of Transportations Statistics about 1,154,918 flights experienced delays departing to their destination; and that's just in the U.S.. Experts at Family Destinations Guide took that data from the Bureau of Transportations Statistics and was able to rank the worst airports in the U.S. for the year 2022.

With this data, 24.08% of JFK's flights were delayed in 2022, making it number eight on the list. However, JFK isn't as bad as Newark Liberty airport. The airport just recently lost its 'NYC status,' and 26.51% of their flights were delayed last year. They made number two on the list.

The best U.S. airport from 2022 according to the study was Salt Lake City International Airport, with only 14.18% of their flights having delays. The Family Destinations Guide let's us know there is a way to avoid delayed flights: “Flights earlier in the day tend to have fewer delays, so try and book an early flight when possible. You could also try and book flights in the middle of the week, on a Tuesday or Wednesday, rather than a weekend, as fewer people travel on these days.”

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