Multiple People Shot at French Montana’s Miami Music Video Recording

On Thursday night, at least 10 people were shot outside The Licking in Miami Gardens during Rob49 and French Montana’s latest music video shoot. 

Witnesses say Montana’s security got him out safely, without incident. Unfortunately, rapper Rob49 is one of the injured victims. He is believed to be in stable condition. 

As on 10 p.m., there was a total of 10 victims. A first responders said, “four [GSW victims] brought themselves to the hospital, and we’ve treated six transported,” which may or may now include the four who were airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center.

According to WSVN and local law enforcement sources, there are three different crime scenes. Though, it is unknown where the other two are.

Apparently, there was A LOT going on this night. Witness Ced Mogul said he came out to watch Montana shoot the video and at one point, a crowd member watching the production was randomly robbed of his watch, keys and wallet.

This witness believes there were “at least 13, 14, 15 gunshots. It was very rapid, it sounded like an assault rifle.”

TRIGGER WARNING: the video below is VERY graphic, featuring multiple clips of injured victims and scared witnesses.

As of the WSVN report, officials have not specified whether someone shot into the crowd or if there was an exchange of gunfire, making it unclear if the gun (or guns) were shot by one person, or multiple people. At this point, there have been no fatalities reported.

Details and specifications are still being released, so follow us for updates:

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