GRAPHIC: Man Abandons His Pitbull by THROWING Him OVER Razor Wire Fence

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An arrest warrant is being sought out after footage reveals a Californian man morbidly abandoning his pit bull terrier-mix at a cell tower.

Video surveillance shows the owner (who California officials deemed as 30-year-old Robert Ruiz Jr.) picking up his heavy dog, chucking him over the fence, and carelessly walking away on December 15th, 2022. Meanwhile, KO, the four-legged victim, immediately looks for escape. 

A spokesperson for the Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RDAS) stated that maintenance workers found the 8-year-old pit-mix in less than two hours. The dog was then examined for injuries and cared for at the city’s local animal shelter. There, they treated KO's eyes and dehydration. 

Now, Animal Services is seeking an arrest warrant for Ruiz due to “willful abandonment of an animal based on the footage and additional information."

"The dog is microchipped and officers used the information associated with the chip to try to locate the man at a Temecula address. It appears he is no longer a resident there and the phone number provided for the chip is not allowing incoming calls,” said an RDAS spokesperson.

"We're now moving forward with seeking the arrest warrant because this person needs to be held accountable for such a horrible act of willful abandonment,” said Animal Services commander Josh Sisler.

In the spirit of good news, the abandoned pup is believed to not only be safe since, but also in the hands of a new, excited owner! 

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