Ex NYC-Museum Employee Charged with Attempted Murder Caught-on-Cam

The Museum Of Modern Art's Fall Reveal Of New Exhibitions

Photo: Getty Images North America

In March 2022, two MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) staffers were stabbed inside the establishment. The alleged attacker is believed to be a former worker who was denied access to the museum the day of the stabbing. Amid the chaos, the injured employees were able to run past their attacker and seek help.  

Caught on camera, 60-year-old Gary Cabana is believed to have hopped over the reception desk before attacking two 24-year-olds. Afterwards, he felt to Philadelphia and was named a fugitive. 

The disgruntled individual’s efforts to escape consequences resulted in quite the journey. Cabana traded messages with reporters on social media while he was on the run. According to police, he was eventually arrested after torching his hotel room. In that case, the Manhattan resident pleaded guilty to arson.

When questioned about the stabbing days later, he chalked his actions up to a “bad day,” according to NBC New York. Cabana is now extradited to NYC, facing attempted murder and assault charges in the MoMa stabbings. 

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