Lil Baby Blesses Fans With Cash For Helping Him After A Car Accident

Lil Baby

Photo: Getty Images

Lil Baby is so grateful for the fans who came to his rescue that he hooked them up with a stack of cash.

In a pair of videos posted to TikTok earlier this week, we can see Baby receiving help from a man after he was reportedly involved in a car accident. According to the account owner @theknow28, an elderly woman crashed her Toyota Prius into the Atlanta rap star's truck. After the accident, a man and his family stopped to help Baby move the car and switch out the tire.

“I was in that truck!” the rapper said in the video. "I ain’t seen her over there."

After the man and his family stopped to help him, Lil Baby rewarded them with a wad of $20 bills. Baby even snapped photos with the family after they were done.

It's been a long yet successful year for the Quality Control rapper. Lil Baby dropped a slew of new music including his recent album It's Only Me. Over the past few months, Baby also released a new documentary about his life, won the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award and made history at the World Cup. Following the release of his rare collaboration with Tears For Fears, Baby traveled to Qatar and became the first artist to film a music video while the World Cup was happening.

“I’m excited to make history with Budweiser and close out the 2022 FIFA World Cup with this unforgettable video,” Lil Baby said in a statement. “Working with Director X and the amazing people from around the globe, we’re celebrating what it means to bring the world together and inspire people to chase those dreams.”

It's great to see some of that amazing karma come back to Lil Baby in a positive way before 2022 comes to a close.

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