DJ Clue & Roddy Ricch Speak About Lil Durk, Hit-Boy, New Album and More!

Roddy Ricch met with DJ Clue in light of his latest album, Feed The Streets III (3). He says this album is about having fun and “getting back to the basics.” Roddy gets into what work has been like after “The Box” became a global hit, to which he says he only competes with himself. He points out that “some songs outshine others but for the most part, a ni**a be pacing.” 

The 24-year-old rapper talks about working with Lil Durk, his “twin.” He explains Durk was one of the few out-of-town people who accepted him and his music early-on. He says he’ll always give his props to Meek Mill, too!

During this interview, DJ Clue brings up a situation he had in Canada, which leads Roddy to explain travel-problems he had with the FBI. 

DJ Clue also asks Roddy how he stays out of trouble, to which his first response is "by praying.” He then says that since young, he watched others, learned from their mistakes and “played different.”

At one point, he gets into his relationship with Hit-Boy after comments about the 35-year-old rapper’s feeling towards West Coast were brought up.

He also speaks on places he wants to live, future aspirations, investing, owning his Hellcat, and more! 

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