DJ Clue & DJ Self Sit w/ A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Talk New Album & More

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie joined DJ Clue & DJ Self in light of his new album release, “Me Vs. Myself.” The Bronx rapper says the project is ten he took his time with, resulting in a more organized approach than he usually takes. 

When DJ Clue asks about him switching his style, A Boogie says it’s not that, “it’s just adapting to the environment and what’s going on at the time… so you could never be who you was yesterday” 

The 27-year-old rapper is styled in a Balenciaga beanie during a time when controversy against them is career-ending. When Clue asks about A Boogie's stance, he says he wear his hat without really knowing what’s going on (since he isn’t really on social media much).

The rapper also shares his joy for playing video games, saying 2k and Call of Duty are two favorite games; this is when he begins to share insight on drill, street and gaming culture with DJ Self. 

Around the 8-minute-mark, the artist gets into the structure of songs on an album and how he believes fans could get to better know their favorite musicians.

Aside from MANY other key moments, he also speaks on his new track with Kodak, pointing out that he knew the original version of "Drownin’" was going to be a hit the second they made it.

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