Angie Martinez Joins the Tamron Hall Show & Speaks Car Crash + More

Angie Martinez visited the Tamron Hall Show and shared many personal details! To open their conversation, they reminisce on times when fashion, interviews and travel were still a common-bond between them.

They then speak on the interview Angie most recently conducted, a talk with Kim Kardashian in wake of the Balenciaga x child-photoshoot scandal. This is when Angie gets into Kim’s ability to navigate energy on a daily basis. The 51-year-old legend also touches on motherhood, family and children—a similarity many have to herself and Ye’s ex-wife. 

The two interviewers also discuss Angie’s near-fatal car crash and the wonders pertaining to that moment. Angie emphasizes the importances of slowing down and listening to God when he needs to you take a break. She says all these moments and thoughts tied together are what birthed her new podcast, IRL. 

Hall exposes that Martinez withheld on releasing the full version of an interview she did with Tupac due to fear that it would “further fuel the tensions between east coast and west coast” hip-hop stars. The two discussed about much more, which could be viewed below.

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