SZA Arm Wrestled Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson AND Bet She Could BEAT HIM!

SZA joined SNL as their musical guest on December 3rd, the memorable night when host Keke Palmer announced her pregnancy and SZA announced her next album. To no surprise, people must’ve been having lots of fun that night!

Today, Questlove shared his own memories from being backstage that night; he took to Instagram to recall SZA not only arm wrestling Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but also seriously betting a New York Times reporter that she could win this battle. 

He pointed out how everyone laughed because they figured she was joking. Questlove also shared, “she said if she won the New York Times reporter had to stop doing their story about dwayne, and make it about her new album instead. And I kid you not, dwayne the rock johnson ACTUALLY accepted the challenge!!”

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