Gabrielle Union Protects Child While Insinuating Boosie BadAzz is Gay

Actress Gabrielle Union had a live interview with journalist Jemele Hill in November 2021. Many empowering moments were shared, but the most viral is probably the most shady as well.

At one point, Ms. Union begins speaking on rapper Boosie BadAzz, suggesting he’s in the closet and more. She says, “he’s so preoccupied. It’s almost like, thou doth protest too much, Little Boos.” She then adds, “you got a lot of dick on your mind!”

Union’s comments came after Boosie spoke out against her child Zaya’s gender transition. This instance explains the “[Zaya and Lil Nas X live in his head] rent free! It’s like, ‘Sir.’ Something you want to go ahead and tell us? This is a safe space, we can be your sanctuary. I don’t think he had a safe space [growing up]” comment.

During this time, the rapper told former NBA star Dwyane Wade (Zaya's father) that he had “gone too fucking far,” as the teen’s father and Union’s husband. He heavily doubled down on his thoughts despite public backlash, but eventually issued an apology to Wade. 

Though, Boosie never seemed to respond to Gabrielle’s comments on the matter… until December 5th, 2022. Click here for full details on Boosie’s response to Union’s insinuation! 

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