Keke Palmer Does Her "Katherine Jackson" Impersonation for Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett and Keke Palmer are iconic actresses known for many roles and projects, including ‘Akeelah and the Bee.' Sixteen years after the movie premiered, the talents rejoined and shared a long-awaited moment; Keke performed her infamous Angela Bassett impersonation for the actress herself! 

Angela points out that she’s seen the impersonation online, one that Keke said used to be exclusively enacted for Queen Latifah (who was obsessed with it). 

The 29-year-old's impersonation stems from Angela’s “performance in American Dream, the Michael Jackson story, where Katherine catches her husband (Joe Jackson) cheating on her,” as Keke explained. 

Here are some other moments when Keke impersonated this scene: 

The Vanity Fair collaboration released earlier today (December 2nd, 2022); click here to check out the full piece.

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