Brent Faiyaz Talks Dating Life, Being Independent, Labels & MORE!

Independent singer and R&B artist Brent Faiyaz visited The Angie Martinez Show shortly after the hype of his new album WASTELAND has begun to slowly settle down. His new-growth comes in light of this album reaching #1 on the Billboard Charts, a goal many 27-year-old artists dream of. 

He tells Angie Martinez that he is self-motivated and being going independent “just made sense” after reviewing so many different deals and contracts. The artist also speaking on his successes, sharing that the business is something he is still learning. While many would argue that lack of a label is the reason his well-deserved award nominations have yet to be seen, he highlights that he doesn’t know what happens behind closed doors… all he knows is that he’s doing great! 

Never forgetting to enlighten listeners on the fact that being in the music industry is all a business, he talks about his obsession with work. Brent tells Angie that he may be a little arrogant, but he is also observant and grateful. He then goes into details on how his personal life, work life and creative desires all intersect; it’s no secret that Brent believes people should separate business and pleasure.

With all these details shared, Brent exclaims that he isn’t toxic (contrary to what the public says)! He emphasizes how he doesn’t like the word toxic and believes this label is wrongfully attached to him. He then highlights the importance of self-care and routine, as his dating life isn’t the most consistent. Brent shares with Angie that something as simple as creating a bedtime has assured him energy and drive to meet goals. 

All in all, the artist shares many details about his life in all aspects; with a version of him that seems more mature and grown that his past self, Mr. Faiyaz stepped in and out of this interview with nothing less than positive energy and amazing thoughts to spread.

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