What Happened To Shanquella Robinson? Mysteriously Dies On "Friends" Vacay

A Charlotte, NC family is searching for answers after a mysterious death in Los Cabos, Mexico.

“I probably won’t be at ease until someone’s arrested,” said Salamondra Robinson, mother of Shanquella Robinson who turned up dead after just a day on vacation in Mexico. Her friends all packed their bags and returned to the US leaving her dead body behind. According to her family, Quella’s friends told them she was dinking and not feeling well.

“They had a villa, and they stayed there all night,” said Salamondra. They didn’t go out at all. No one told the same story, so I never believed them anyway,” she said. “They didn’t call us until the very last minute, and then on top of that, they said the maid found her,” Salamondra said.

WJZY obtained the death certificate, which lists the cause of death as severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation which is instability in the uppermost vertebrae. There's a video (which we wont share) circulating online which shows a nude Shanquella having a physical altercation in a hotel room.

Whether or not someone should be arrested in the death of 25-year-old remains as uncertain as how she died. The Department of state has no comment at this time, but the family has contacted the FBI.

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