Glorilla Talks Friends, Abortion, Being Signed to Gotti, Birth Name & More

GloRilla visited The Angie Martinez Show in light of her new EP Anyways, Life’s Great… being released today. The last time they had seen each other was at Angie Martinez’s Summer BBQ—she had a 15-mintue set that she was nervous to perform, but hid-well as she entertained the crowd. Angie Martinez reminded the 23-year-old rapper that Cardi B called her song the hit of the summer, which was a major compliment. 

Glorilla then elaborates on how her rap career professionally began, emphasizing that her cousin’s gift of encouragement and studio time is what made her realize joining the game is truly something she wants to do. She says that down south is where people were “getting hip to her” first. Eventually, the whole world caught on. Now, she lives a life of fame with other successful friends such as her best friend since 2019 and fellow rapper, Gloss Up (@glittergirlgloss on IG).

Angie Martinez also asks about Glorilla’s government name, Gloria Hallelujah Woods; the rapper explains how she’s one of 8 children and her name is a little “sauced up” thanks to her mom. When Angie asks about her mom’s opinion she’s on being a rapper, she explains that her mom understands; Glorilla also shares that it’s possible to live a church-lifestyle while still being from the hood.

Something she talks about in her music and with Angie is the emotional experience after going through major life changes, such as an abortion. She expands on a social cleanse/mental detox she was involved in for 60 days—she says that, “if you cut off what’s holding you back… something is going to change!” 

Considering how fast approaching fame was before the release of this debut project, Glorilla shares the difficulties of living a “normal” life. Talks of anxiety and nostalgia arise, which is when she shares how much she misses casually talking Walmart walks alone or with friends. Today, no disguise is ever quite enough. Check out her full interview below! 

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