DaBaby Talks Music With Justin Bieber, New Tour, Industry Tips & More

Considering DaBaby’s newest album Baby on Baby 2 recently releasing, DJ Clue had many interesting questions to ask the Cleveland rapper. DaBaby starts by saying that he doesn’t like promising fans music without delivering, making this a special project. 

DJ Clue puts his CEO hat on and points out the lack of promo around this project, to which the rapper responds saying he doesn’t look for “a #1” when releasing; to DaBaby, it’s always important to get the “music back to the listeners” and be connected with them. His passion for music is so evident in this interview; he even says that his answer to drama and industry maneuvers is to consistently drop music, rather than to allow rumors and business problems to snowball.

Clue deems DaBaby the “North Carolina Nino Brown,” to which the rapper responds, “but without the snitching.” They also agree on the concept to “shoot first—ask questions last.” Although, DaBaby then points out that sometimes, it’s “all in front of you,” so you just need to move accordingly. When Clue asks how to make sure that’s happening, DaBaby says he applies his past experiences to his life now.

DaBaby also discusses his upcoming tour, where “people should expect an experience.” As Clue reminds the rapper of performances where he has lost expensive jewelry, he reminds Clue that he’s “a rockstar,” so he cannot be worried about losing jewelry anymore. He then explains why he isn’t spotted in the club scene often. Then, he shares music secrets… he says him and Justin Bieber have an entire album together, exposing that they created an entire joint project while exchanging records during the pandemic. 

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