Bandman Kevo Flexes Tattoos of Popular Racists and Phrases

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Earlier this week, Bandman Kevo went viral after debuting his new “White Lives Matter” tattoo. Now, he’s revealed a thigh tattoo that has people feeling no better…

Kevo’s latest ink addition styles Kanye West's face; his leg sleeve currently features portraits of Elon musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos and Ye—all styled someplace beside the controversial phrase that Kanye has recently popularized. The leg-sleeve also features ink of multiple logos: Facebook, Amazon, Tesla and the “MAGA” hat. 

Although Bandman Kevo has yet to address his latest tattoos, the permanent decision comes months after his decision to tattoo dating influencer Kevin Samuels following his death… meaning this sort of body governing is no stranger to Mr. Kevo. 

Though, he did issue a response earlier this year after receiving backlash for the Musk & Bezos inkings.

The public has also issued multiple responses, many of which are criticizing the artists' decisions.

What do you think about all this ink? Do you agree with Bandman Kevo?

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