Emayatzy Corinealdi & Kerry Washington Talk TV, Vision Boards & MORE

Emayatzy Corinealdi is the leading-star in new Hulu series, Unreasonable Doubt, which has a pilot that Kerry Washington directed. This is a project Kerry said she is very proud of, aside from the recent, now #1 movie in the world, The School for Good and Evil. When being interviewed by Angie Martinez, they shared details on these projects, their passions and more.

Both women shared what the journey to success has been like, giving much credit to their past & acknowledging all the small projects that prepared them for this moment. At one point, Emayatzy revealed that she was dreaming of the experiences she now lives. So much so, she told Angie that Kerry, “was on my vision board!”

Both actresses shares positive thoughts on each other’s careers, influence, and work ethic — a conversation that led into what is vision boarding and why people should do it. After Angie points out the multiple connections Emayatzy has to Jay-Z, they pondered on the idea of Jay-Z creating his own mood-boards.

Emayatzy also exclaims that Kerry is a good leader, an opinion Kerry has of Angie! This conversation ignited the topic of directing; the actresses tell Angie that to be a great director while pointing out that, “you don’t need to know it all!” As a result, Kerry tells Angie she could someday shadow her! 

Watch the full interview below!

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