'Earn Your Leisure' Give Up Tip$ On Podca$ting, Day Trade$, Airbnb$ + More

The hosts of the 'Earn Your Leisure' podcast Financial Advisor, Rashad Bilal, and Educator, Troy Millings, stopped by the Angie Martinez Show to spread some of their much sought after financial knowledge. And they dropped some GREAT tips when it comes to 1) attaining wealth 2) day trading 3) short term rentals 4) content creation 5) Podcasting...AND SO MUCH MORE‼️

Now if you’re here consuming as a podcaster or have dreams of becoming one, you’re in luck because they gave up their top Finance Advice for Podcasting which includes:

  • Get your podcast on Youtube. Since you can get paid off the same content visual experience 📺 vs audio 🎧 experience. 
  • Put out smerch.
  • Do live events. 
  • Hop on Patreon.

Interested in short term rental business? Well their tips for making money on AIR BNB including not to rent to people who live in the city, since they "are up to no good, throwing parties" etc and creating an experience in your home to make you stand out.

They also broke down their best episodes, gave us the back story of how they met in middle school + reveal they have a HUGE following in jail; many of which are day trading from jail. Then Angie gives us her BIGGEST financial mistake: co-signing a student loan for a ex-friend.

Attain all the free knowledge delivered by watching the interview above.

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