Stacey Dash Cries After Just Finding Out DMX Died Last Year

Stacey Dash went viral on Wednesday after saying that she was ashamed for just discovering that DMX died and crying in a TikTok video about the fact that he had “lost to that demon of addiction.”  DMX died in April 2021 of a cocaine-induced heart attack 🙏🏾

The actress appeared to be truly unaware of his passing and explained that she was scrolling through TikTok and came upon a DMX song that “saved me many times” ― only it had an #RIP tag on it.


“I know I am late. I did not know he passed away. I am heartbroken ― he was such a great guy. I am today six years and one month clean,” she said. “And it breaks my heart. ... He lost to that demon of addiction. Please, please, don’t lose.”

RIP to a LEGEND, we love you ❌

Check out The Breakfast Club's reaction on Dash's realization video below:

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