Vivica Fox Says Kevin Samuels’ Death Was “Karma” For Black Women Insults

The death of Kevin Samuels has drum up mixed reaction from the public AND celebs like veteran actress Vivica A. Fox who has deemed his death as “karma” for his comments about Black Women.

During an appearance on the FOXSOUL streaming talk show Cocktails With Queens Vivica said:

“This man was a hypocrite, in my honest opinion. I didn’t find anything about him to be healing. He insulted African American women on a consistent basis. I hope this is teaching folks a lesson about the karma that you put out, the negativity that you put out in the world. That when karma comes knocking at your door, she might not be so kind. So, the fact that he keeled over real quick and was supposedly with a woman that we don’t yet know the nationality, rest in peace.”


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