How Did Lauren Smith-Fields Die After Bumble Date?

The family of Lauren Smith-Fields is outraged at how the Bridgeport Police Department has investigated the mysterious death of the 23-year-old after a Bumble date with a "older white man."

The I-Team obtained a police report of the response to a 911 call from Lauren’s apartment on the morning of Dec. 12 from a man identified as Matthew LaFountain. The investigator noted that LaFountain was trembling and visibly shaken as he explained he and Lauren were drinking shots of tequila. She then became ill but then they later they played some games, ate some food and started to watch a movie.

LaFountain said he carried her to her bedroom and laid her in her bed. He then laid down next to her and fell asleep. When he woke up, she was reportedly laying on her right side, blood was coming out of her right nostril onto the bed and she was not breathing.

Lauren’s Brother, Tavar Gray-Smith, said the whole day went by and no one reached out to the family at all.

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