Fat Joe Crowns DJ Khaled ‘Sneaker King’ While Touring Massive Closet

The title "Sneaker King" might be a highly sought after honor in this day and age of reselling, limited editions, exclusive drops, and rare vintage finds. But, according to Fat Joe, the crown belongs to mega hit producer DJ Khaled.

The "All The Way Up" rapper recently took a tour of Khaled's massive sneaker closet and was clearly impressed. In a now-viral clip, the "Wild Thoughts" producer filmed Joes' reaction to the collection.

Surrounded by hundreds of pairs of kicks stacked in boxes, spread across the floor and piled on shelves, the Bronx native was in awe.

"You a sneaker king," Joe repeats as Khaled tries downplay the expansive collection. "That's all," he says.

And if you're wondering just how big the closet is, Khaled apparently took a page out of Young Jeezy's lyrical play book: "House stupid dumb big, my rooms got rooms."

That's right, multiple rooms within the closet all filled to the rim with sneakers.

With three pairs of the coveted Dior Jordans in his collection alone, Khaled said "this ain't no regular s––" and he's right. One pair of that particular sneaker will run you in the thousands of dollars if you can even get your hands on it.

"Why have one when you can have three?" Khaled says in the clip.

The producer also seems to have an affinity for Jordan 4's, boasting multiple color ways and collaborations.

Check out the clip above to take the tour yourself.

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