Capella Grey Says His New Mixtape Will 'Change Everything'

Capella Grey is prepping to take his career to the next level.

Grey has blown since he last sat down with Power 105.1's Nyla Symone. With a new label, a "bunch of singles" on the way and a tape coming up, Grey says he's bringing it to 2022.

"The tape is about to drop ... Yeah, that tape is about to be crazy," Grey said. "We're changing everything with that tape. Yeah, man, stay tuned."

There's no title yet, but Grey says it's the "soundtrack to uptown New York City."

As a native New Yorker, Grey says he always wanted check out Powerhouse. He never got around to it as a fan, but he was more than happy to experience it from the stage.

Watch the full interview above!

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