Portugal Just Made It Illegal For Employers To Text You After Work

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Photo: Westend61

The parliament in Portugal has taken the next steps to help create a healthy work/life balance for its citizens while also hoping to attract new people to the country where they are dubbing "digital nomads".

The legislation was approved last Friday (November 5th), following an expansion of working from home in the new post-pandemic world. Employers if they break the rules could be forced to pay increased expenses including gas and electricity bills. The government expressed that more rules will be implemented in the near future to help their citizens work at home such as banning employers from over monitoring their employees at home.

Portugal's Minister of Labour and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho expressed her excitement of this new legislation and continuing to make Portugal one of the best places in the world to work.

"We consider Portugal one of the best places in the world for these digital nomads and remote workers to choose to live in, we want to attract them to Portugal"

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