Chloe Baily Gives Her Dating Flags, Says New Album Gives Bad B---- Energy

With her hit debut solo single "Have Mercy" doing NUMBERS out in these streets we were joined today on The Angie Martinez show by the only and only Chloe Bailey! The singer who is currently prepping her debut solo project stopped by The Angie Martinez show today to share a bit about what's to come, why she added the dots above her artist name, her red and green dating flags + more!

When it comes to dating Chloe wants everyone to know that she is indeed on the market, however, there are certain things that she looks for while dating and certain things that she avoids, one of those being laziness.

"I am on the market, what I'm looking for I want the guy to be more into me than I am into him, I am a mushy person, but if I call you don't pick up all the time, sometimes I wanna be left wondering what he's doing, because if you on your s--- and you working hard you not always worried about me and for some reason that's kinda hot because your working on you. Red flags for me is I hate a womanizer, for me, I can't date multiple people at once so don't play me and laziness because you become what your around and If I'm laid up in the bed with you I'm going to start turning into you, I need you to inspire me and keep my drive going"

Also, if you were ever wondering why the singer has added the two dots above the O in her name she explained to Angie that it was simply an artistic decision but for everything outside of the music such as acting she will still be Chloe Bailey.

"No it's not on the birth certificate, ima dd it and I'm going to tell you I just wanted it to look special written out and that's artist Chloe, actress Chloe will go by Chloe Bailey but artist Chloe will be that"

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Chloe below..

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