LaLa Says Melo Remains Her Close Friend, Talks Going To Therapy, Dating

Today on The Angie Martinez show we were joined by no other than Lala! The actress who is currently on quite the run has appeared lately in BMF, Grown-Ish, The Chi and is set to appear in Hulu's Wu-Tang series this upcoming week as a Def Jam music executive.

Sitting down with Angie Martinez, Lala for the first time opened up about her new single life. Expressing to Angie that it's different now that she is no longer in marriage but she continues to remain positive despite the fact that she doesn't believe she will get married again.

"I kinda feel like, it's funny I was wearing these rings for a long time that said f--- love on them, and my therapist was like you gotta take them off, by the way, I have one on, and he was like you can't manifest that you're going to find love again. But after you been through what I went through which was public and really hard you do start feeling like that and seeing how people can become jaded and like you know maybe it's not for me but I always wanna stay positive, marriage I don't think I can ever do that again, an amazing person would have to come but I don't see that happening. But I don't know what God has in store for me."

Being single of course Lala has come through with new looks on social media that Angie dubs "Sexy Lala". The actress expressed that now that she's single she wanted to get herself right on social media, even going as far to say that her DMs have been POPPING.

"I'm in a new phase and chapter in my life, I didn't think in this phase I would be entering into being single so now I gotta readjust, I can't be out here looking crazy, I'm trying to get some DMs popping, I'm trying to see what's going on"

With 50 Cent's "BMF" series already being an instant hit, and in the show there was one particular sex scene that Lala said she helped the rapper prepare for the scene after having to have done it herself on "Power".

"I had to do that too on Power, which the day she shot the sex scene, I talked her through it. To be honest with you its like suck your stomach in, arch your back, and know your angles, you want to look good in a sex scene. Make sure the cameras not shooting up at you where you have a double chin"

Check out the full interview above.

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