Hitmaka Says No Can See Him In Verzuz, Gives Nicki Minaj Her Flowers

One of the biggest producers out right now Hitmaka pulled up to The Angie Martinez for the first time since the two last saw each other in 2008. Stopping by the show today the super-producer spoke about his time working with Nicki Minaj on "The Pinkprint", giving Nicki her flowers, who could see him in a producer Verzuz battle, his top 5 producers in the game right now and he broke down his own studio rules for Angie.

A few weeks ago DJ Mustard went viral for his studio rules, having Hitmaka on the show today was too good of an opportunity to pass up for the producer to not only weigh in on Mustard's rules but also give his own personal rules, one of which involves not bringing any smelly food into the studio.

"I don't like people eating in the control room where I'm working, it'll stank the room up, I don't want no stank energy up in the room, you cant just eat boiling crab in my session. I ain't going to lie I'm pretty chill, weed I smoke, I drink tequila and that's my formula to go to the studio, I'll leave with 10 songs. I don't care what you do, I'm from that era where you wanna go smoke crack as long as you come back in here and get that song done, I want that hit at the end of the day. Go do whatever you're vice is but as long as we make a hit that's what's up"

While on the topic of producers in the game, Hitmaka says that there are only a few producers out right now who can see him in a Verzuz. Leading him to drop his top five producers in the game right now, two of which are himself.... of course.

"Me mustard, London On Da Track, shoutout my guy OG Parker and then me again, that's how I feel"

Check out the full interview above and listen to Hitmaka on iHeartRadio below

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