The Fugees Reunite in NYC For Start Of 'The Score' 25th Anniversary Tour

Fugees & Global Citizen Team Up To Kick Off Fugees 2021 World Tour. Tune in to Global Citizen Live on Sept 25

Photo: Getty Images North America

As Lauryn Hill said it best during the Fugees reunion show yesterday, the history between Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, & Pras Michel is extremely complicated but tonight we are blessed that the three of them have moved past their differences to reunite for what they called "A Preview" of what is set to come from their 'The Score' 25th Anniversary Tour.

Performing a medley of their greatest hits to a sold-out crowd thanks to Global Citizen the three brought an energy that has been missing for some time in NYC since the beginning of the pandemic. With a live band behind them, the Fugees truly are back and their tour is set to really be something special.

Check out pictures from last night's show below...

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