22GZ Interview: Impact On Brooklyn Drill, New Project, Bronx Drill, + More

A long-requested guest on the show has touched down today on On The Radar! Fresh off his Brooklyn stop on his "The T.W.I.R.L. Tour" last weekend we had the one and only 22GZ stop by the show to talk about his impact on Brooklyn Drill, an upcoming project dropping in the Fall, how he thinks Brooklyn and Bronx drill should come together to be known and "NYC Drill", not being allowed to perform at Rolling Loud NYC in the past, and being open to working with CJ after their dispute online.

Earlier this year there was a huge debate online over who started Brooklyn Drill, 22 who had been on the wave for years of course spoke his peace during that time and doubled down on it during our interview declaring he was the first rapper from Brooklyn to rap over a UK Drill beat.

“I started this s---that’s why I be saying yo its crazy, it's like it's weird I don’t know, its like imagine waking up one day and you see everyone on TV doing the s---you thought of, aight maybe they're going to tap in today, maybe tomorrow, nobody reaching out, wtf is going on. So I had to start locking in and stop complaining about it, show them who was really a pioneer of this, I was really the first to hop on a UK drill beat. 

22GZ had also taken to twitter recently to clear up some comments about Bronx drill because for some reason users online were convinced he had dissed the movement despite not actually saying anything negative at all, in fact in the tweet the young rapper doubled down that he loves whats going on up there and has some records on the way with artists out the borough. Going even further into it in our conversation he explained how Brooklyn Drill and Bronx Drill should come together under on Nyc Drill name.

“I wasn’t saying there was no such thing as Bronx drill, we gone say there was a Bronx Drill but Bronx drill originated in Brooklyn, that’s what I'm tryna say, but Brooklyn rappers we still up and coming to, so it's like its Brooklyn drill, yall just from the Bronx, so in that case it’s NYC drill so no one feel a way” 

As for his next moves 22GZ just released his new single “Steppers” and has a new tape set to drop sometime this fall possibly around his birthday and he also teased some new records with Icewear Vezzo, Roddy Ricch and Yung Bleu all on the way. 

“Shoutout to Yung Bleu I got him on a drill beat I got him talking crazy, I also got a Icewear Vezzo record to, he on the come up to shoutout to Icewear. With the West Coast s--- there's a drill thing going on over there too, they got a Roddy Ricch vibe he can switch it up to I got a track with Roddy, shoutout to Roddy that’s my boy” 

Check out the full Interview above and listen to 22GZ on iHeartRadio below

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