Michael K. Williams Was To Play DMX In Upcoming Play/Biopic Before Passing

A few months ago Michael K. Williams was an integral part in the BET Awards tribute to the late DMX. Many online that same night expressing how much he looked liked the rapper.

During his visit to The Angie Martinez Show, Swizz Beatz revealed that Michael K. was actually in line to play DMX in an upcoming play and biopic about the rapper's life. Expressing how the two of them had a ton of love and respect for each other the casting only made sense. He also sent his condolences and love to William's family.

"We had big plans he was going to play X in the play we were developing for his estate, his biopic, Michael was going to be the guy, X loved him, he loved X, they reminded them of each other, it's just unfortunate that we're losing so many creative soldiers and hugged your loved ones because that man was just on stage with me, X was in the studio with me and both those brothers aren't here with us anymore, I'm trying to understand it but I probably won't ever understand it"

Check out the full Interview above.

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