Aurora Anthony On "Tunde", Short Film, Album Art By Reginald Sylvester II

Ahead of the release of his new album “Tunde” on 9/10 we had the pleasure of sitting down with LES rapper Aurora Anthony. Stopping by On The Radar today Anthony spoke about the 3 year wait between projects, getting his own shoe with Nike in celebration of the release, Beyonce adding his 100Wolves business to her "Black Parade Route" +more!

The project which is set to be his first outing since the 2018 release of “Crookworld”, has been years in the making. Describing this outing as the more fine-tuned version of the latter, Aurora is excited to share with the world his new body of work. 

“I was going through a testing process, can I make this song that sounds like this, my voice is really deep so people tell me to stay away from this type of music your voice is too deep and you should be on this type of sound. So I put out a tester which is what Crookworld was as well as an ode to my homie who passed away. Tunde is like the fine-tuned version of the test, I fined tuned and I understand if I’m making a song this is how you achieve that. 

As for the meaning behind the album, Aurora explains that the word “Tunde” comes from his Nigerian background as well being a homage to his father and grandfather. 

“It’s short for Babatunde which means the return of the father, my grandfather had that name soimthe first son in the family and whoever is the first-born from the first son in the family gets that name, so I got that name from that and since it’s my introduction I named it Tunde for short as an ode to my Dad, my nationality, It’s my full introduction to myself, I’m Nigerian, I can rap and I do it really well. 

“Tunde” releases this Friday 9/10

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Aurora Anthony below.

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