Terry Crews Gets Roasted After "Cookout" & "koolaid" tweet

Photo: Getty Images for MAKERS

Terry, sometimes it's just better to put the phone down. The actor has once again caused Twitter to come for him after tweeting the other day:

"The best thing about being uninvited to the cookout… Is you never drank the koolaid"

Twitter users jumped right in his replies coming for the actor with responses such as

"You thought u ATE this tweet Koolaid don’t be at cookouts but ur uninvited ass wouldn’t know that."
"I used to coach with a guy that was teammates with Terry Crews with the Rams and he said that on top of being an absolutely terrible football player, he used to snitch to the coaches about guys going out after curfew to try to get playing time"
"Someone called terry crews “gym crow”

See the tweets below...

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