Leeky Bandz & YBC Jay interview: Future Sound, "Underdog Status", + more!

Ahead of YBC Jay's debut album "UNDERDOG STATUS" which is set to drop on September 15th and the Future Sound compilation album curated by Leeky Bandz the two artists stopped by On The Radar for a joint interview. Leeky who appeared on the show months ago after the release of his "Life After Future" stopped by with Jay to speak about the young artist's debut project, his own upcoming projects including a book and movie, Roddy Ricch hopping on their compilation album + more.

"Underdog Status" by YBC Jay is set to be the debut project under Leeky Bandz Future Sound independent label, a huge step not only for the artist but for the label as well. Both haling originally from the Lower East Side, Jay expressed that he's been waiting to drop this for some time, taking his time to change some of the records on the project. Bandz who has been a mentor to the young YBC group explained how with this project he told Jay to take his time making sure everything was solid before the release wanting to make sure this is a "standing ovation" for YBC Jay and the label.

As for Leeky's future endeavors, there's a lot on the way. A few collab projects with the likes of Don Smith as well as his own solo outings the rapper is also currently working on a book and movie about his life growing up in the LES and the music industry. While both are in the early stages of development he promises it'll be worth the wait as he already has actors in mind for the roles that will need to be played in the film.

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Leeky Bandz AND YBC Jay on iHeartRadio below.

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