IG Model Miss Mercedes Morr Murdered - Killer Commits Suicide

Popular Instagram Influencer/model Miss Mercedes was murdered in her Texas home by a man police believe she had no relationship with and some speculate might have been a stalker.

According to ABC reporter, Stefania Okolie:

34-year old Kevin Accorto stabbed himself to death after strangling Mercedes Morr.
According to investigators, it was her concerned father who went to check on her Sunday, after no one had her from her for a number a days. He discovered her body.
It is still not clear if he knew Morr personally but police don’t believe there was any sort of relationship.This does NOT appear to be any case of a robbery.

Many fans and artists including Tory Lanez, Shad Moss, The Clermont Twins, DJ Sussone and Phresher have taken to social media to give their condolences to Mercedes’ family through the model’s IG account, which boasted 2 million followers.

Sleep in peace Miss Mercedes. She was only 33-years-old.

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