Kocky Ka On Phresher Cosign, "B.I.G" Stepper, Mixing Soul and Bars + More!

Today on On The Radar we had Brooklyn's own Kocky Ka in the building. The artist who has begun something in the city no one is doing yet is mixing soul with the gritty sound of NYC to create a sound that is truly special and something unique. Stopping by the show he spoke about the creation of the sound, Phresher being one of the first people to put him in the studio, working with Benny The Butcher, his latest single "B.I.G Stepper" + more!

When it came to his unique sound for Kocky it was an easy mixture of the sounds of the Church and streets that he grew up listening to. With the likes of Hov and Biggie being some of his biggest influences he explained that he does want to rap rap sometimes but his guys would always push him to shift more into the singing lane of things.

"Growing in New York you got the grittiness Hov and Biggie and I was like lets add singing with it to. You know what's wild, I feel like I rap so it's like the guys be wanting me to sing, but I get where they coming from though, the singing definitely give you that little vibe"

Phresher joined into the interview for a quick minute to break down how he first linked up with Kocky and got him in the studio and expressed how he has never believed in an artist more than he does with Kocky.

"This little cuzzo, family for real, I couldn't believe in an artist more, when it comes to talent he has it all, the skill is there but the will how bad do you want it, you gotta show the game, you gotta wake up every day to chase this dream, there's a ticking clock these fans are fickle they'll be here today and gone tomorrow, every day a star is born and that's is what we get into, we know Kocky is talented as hell"

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Kocky Ka on iHeartRadio below..

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