David Sabasitan On “We Are God”, Turning a $7 Album to a 7 Figure Deal

David Sabastian is one of the quickest rising artists from the West Coast. Over the course of the pandemic, the rapper changed the game with the release of his “We Are God” album. The project which conceptually began during the pandemic forced Sabastian to come up with a new way of releasing music as he figured that with everyone being at home they wouldn’t be consuming records the same way as before.

After some thought the rapper put up the album on his website for $7. But the real magic came from how he instructed his fans to listen to it as he fully intended. With a list of rules/guidelines to follow while listening to the project, David created a whole experience during a time where people were stuck inside. 

The album also helped him score a record deal where he kept his masters and is currently working on his next body of work which he expresses is an entire level up from “We Are God”.

Check out the full interview above and listen to David Sabastian on iHeartRadio below...

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