Makaela On "Me And Somebody's Son", Christmas EP, "Comfortable" Single

Today on On The Radar we sat down with singer Makaela after she dropped off her first project "Me and Somebody's Son". The singer who has seen much success since the release of her debut single "First Impression" is finally ready to take on the music industry and become a star! On the show today we spoke about how she's been planting the name of her album on social media for over a year, her new single "Comfortable" just in time for labor day, dating advice and possibly dropping a Christmas EP this December.

When it came to the name of the project Makaela has been carefully planning for some time, planting the "Me and Somebody's Son" seeds on social media.

"I always knew this is what I wanted to name my first project, I have been reposting those me and somebody's son posts, I love love, I'm a girl we repost corny stuff on our stories all the time or reposting things that we want or relationship ship goals, so I of course as a girl I always repost stuff like that but as for the "me and somebody's son" posts I need people to know there was a reason for that, it was calculated I'm a marketing genius"

With the Summer wrapping up soon the singer has one last surprise in store for fans dropping her brand new single "Comfortable" just in time to rep their countries for labor day weekend.

"We are dropping this new single for labor day, we're keeping the ball rolling, its a Lil Afro beats vibe, just in time for people to rep their countries and wrap up their Summer with a Lil vibe"

Check out the full interview above and listen to Makaela on iHeartRadio below...

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