Nas EBK On Kay Flock, “Bunny In The Box”, Bronx Drill, “Rah Rah” + More!

Today on On The Radar we’re joined by the Bronx’ own Nas EBK. The BX rapper who’s first single “BunnyInTheBox” had been ringing off this Summer stopped by the show to talk about the Bronx drill movement in the city, working with Kay Flock & B Lovee, the culture behind diss records + more!

With the quick rising success of Bunny In The Box the Bronx rapper has had to adapt quickly to local fame in the city. Expressing that at first the was doing this all for fun over the Summer it became more serious as his views began to grown online. 

“I adapted quick, I don’t let this s--- stress me out, just right now I started taking music seriously, after the OYK track I decided to take it serious but at first I cared but I ain’t really cared, I had other things going on in life, I would just go to the studio for fun, but now I’m trying to really change to a rapper” 

While not having a manager originally fellow Bronx rapper and friend of Nas, Kay Flock stepped in to help him. Explaining that they had been friends for years the rapper said that the buzzing Bronx artist has had a hand in his visuals and helping him get his sound right on his upcoming singles. 

“I chill with him, that’s my bro he know the vibes, I met him on my side like 2-3 years ago but now we got closer, he got other things going on, he hit me with the you ain't got no manager and he was just like ima be your manager, so since then we were just going to be working and s---. Hebe helping with like how to do certain videos and songs”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Nas EBK on iHeartRadio below...

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