Billy B On “Blueprint” Tape, Taking Over The Streets, Work W/ Lola Brooke

Today on OnThe Radar we had the pleasure of sitting down with Brooklyn’s own Billy B! The rapper who is fresh off of the release of her new joint tape withOGMarlynMonROLLUP, & Smocca Locca. Sitting down on the show the rapper spoke about the project as well as her come up, working with the likes of Lola Brooke, Fergie Baby and teased an upcoming collab with Bronx rapper Sha EK! 

One of the biggest take aways that Billy shared in the interview came from the video for "TrustTheProcess". In the video a voice mail is left for her from what appears to be a music executive telling her to be more "sexy". When it comes to Billy who has been in situations like expressed through the voicemail is that she will always be authentically herself because the reason that she is where she is today is because of how she’s always expressed herself through visuals and music, and nothing will ever change that. 

“Everyone has their opinion on what they should think I should be doing, if I was doing that I probably wouldn’t have gotten to you, like me doing what I’m doing is how you even got to see me, you may not understand it right now because it’s not for everybody but you’ll understand it in the long run”

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Billy B below...

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