Rocko Ballin On "Lucky Last Born VOL 2.", Creating A Whole New Sound

After dropping off his new project "Lucky Last Born VOL 2." this week, we were joined by Rocko Ballin on On The Radar. Rocko who first appeared on our show this past spring stopped by to speak about the new project, creating a sound that is unlike anything else in the city right now, and give us a quick update on the highly anticipated collab project with fellow Brooklyn rapper 26ar.

With "Lucky Last Born VOL 2." out now, Rocko broke down to us the reasoning behind dropping a sequel to his first tape. Explaining that he still feels like he's just getting started he wanted the second go around to actually feel like a part 2, where he could also experiment with new sounds and melodies.

"I feel like it's like I wanted to bring more out but it's still like a part 2 of part 1, its a little different though like the vibes and stuff are different, it's the same me. I'm just trying to make music, not just drill I want to tap into other things. On this project, I got more into singing vibes, it's different from the first."

The last time Rocko was on our show he announced that he would be collaborating with 26AR for a joint tape. The tape which still hasn't come out yet is still set to hit eventually however Rocko wanted to assure his and AR's fans that when it comes it'll be well worth all the waiting.

"It's going to come, I know everyone is asking about it but it's going to come. You just not going to know when it's going to come, but it'll be worth the wait"

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Rocko Ballin on iHeartRadio below...

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