Nym Lo On Joint Tape W/ Statik Selektah, High Horse 3, Generational Wealth

Returning to On The Radar Radio today for the first time since the pandemic Nym Lo is in the building! The rapper who is fresh off multiple projects including the joint tape with Smoke DZA, Jayy Grams and 183rd as well as his own "High Horse 2". Stopping by the show today he spoke about his upcoming tape with Static Selektah set to drop sometime soon, "High Horse 3", his friendship with Smoke DZA, building generational wealth + more!

Promising a ton of heat on his upcoming joint project with Statik Selektah Nym broke down to us how the project all started one day when he went to the studio with Terminology and decided to pop in on Static, after a few beats were played he hopped on a track and the rest was history.

"It's fully produced by Statik Selektah, I got some really good guys, some real good rappers, and I shot the cover when I was in Turks and Caicos. I started going down to his studio to mess with Terminology, one day I was there and was kicking it with Static, and he was playing beats and I was listening and when he played this one beat I was like can I get on that and that was my introduction and I laid some heat. I spoke to Stat one day about xyz we got the business straight and we just locked in"

With a work ethic unlike none other the Harlem rapper is already looking towards the 4th quarter of 2021, preparing the next installment in his extremely popular "High Horse" project series, Nym is promising everything you've come to love from him and 183rd by the end of this year.

"High Horse 3 is on the way, after this one with Static me and 183rd are coming right back, we going to try and do that fourth quarter, for this quarter we want to let this breathe with the project with Static, and then fourth quarter come with that and if not that we'll do it the first quarter of next year. Right now we're getting the visuals prepared because I like to come to the table prepared already so I'm not chasing my tail"

Check out the full Interview above and listen to NYM Lo on iHeartRadio below..

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