917 Rackz Gives "Chill Drill" Update, "Drill Shady 2", Talks BK/BX Drill

Today on On The Radar we sat down for almost an hour-long conversation with Rising Brooklyn Rapper 917 Rackz! The Sheepshead bay rapper who began his rise over the course of the pandemic stopped by the show today to speak about his upcoming "Drill Shady 1.5 & 2" projects, his friendship with Bronx Drill rappers Kay Flock & Dthang, when fans can expect "Chill Drill" to drop & also show love to fellow rapper MaxThaDemon!

"Chill Drill" has easily become one of 917 Rackz most requested songs to drop, with fans flooding his comments every day asking for the song to be released the rapper shared with us that it's coming, he's not entirely sure when but once everything is finalized and ready to go properly the fans will finally get what they have been waiting for.

"if your watching it might be out and if your watching it and it's not out its coming soon, people have been feening for, when I post something I get a ton of comments, I'm not doing this on purpose, I don't have a release date for certain reasons, I feel like one of those big rappers where their fans are flooding them for a song, anytime I post on any social media I get asked when it's dropping"

With a ton of new projects on the horizon including a 1.5 to his "Drill Shady" project & even a sequel set to drop later this year the rapper expressed that this time around things will be completely different. Growing himself as an artist he said you can expect new sounds and a more mature version of himself than fans had on the previous entry.

"Drill Shady 2 is dropping the same day as Drill Shady 1, I have a whole theme, winter and Christmas theme for it, for example, I have a song called .25 and I'ma put it as the 12 song so you get 12/25".

Check out the full interview above and listen to 917 Rackz on iHeartRadio below...

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