Klass Murda on "Motivated” Album, Benny The Butcher, Rochester Hip-Hop

After dropping off his “Motivated” project this past May we had the pleasure of sitting down with Rochester, New York rapper Klass Murda!! The project which featured the likes of Pooh Shiesty, Rah Swish, BennyTheButcher, Casanova + many more couldn’t have come at a better time for the rapper. With outside slowly coming back and the drill music wave at an all-time high Klass Murda is looking to bring Rochester’s music culture to the forefront of people’s attention with his latest album.

When it came to the project Klass just wanted to put something out for the people that will motivate them and also be a project they can bump while driving around. Explaining that when he’s trying to figure out what beats to use he’ll listen to them in the car first because that’s where most people listen to music.

“Honestly bro I just wanted to motivate the trenches and the people, everyone who heard it and hollered back at me said they got that hustler's feeling. I pick beats while driving, got to listen to the beats in the car because that’s where people going to listen to your music at, If I cant vibe in the car and I cant drive fast to it, then I ain’t motivating nobody”

Over the past few years, Rochester and upstate New York have been coming out with incredible talent left and right. For Klass who has been putting work it along with the BennyTheButchers of upstate New York he explained that he feels the light for up there is currently on the boom-bap music being created and for him, he wanted to shine the light on the drill and melodic sounds that have a huge presence in those same communities.

“Everybody doing they thing out there, I feel like upstate got a light on it for Boom Bap music and I wanted to do something different. I got bars to so I'll do whatever but that’s what I like, I like doing drill and melodic music”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Klass Murda on iHeartRadio below...

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