Rellyski Talks Signing To Atlantic Records, “Flowers” Single, Miami Rap

After releasing his debut single under Atlantic records we had the pleasure of getting to sit down with Rising Miami. Florida rapper Rellyski via zoom! The rapper who is already gearing up for his next few singles and eventually a project spoke with us about how he got signed to Atlantic record, his debut single, the rap culture in Miami + a whole lot more.

When it came to getting signed, Rellyski has been with Atlantic since January, however, the rapper kept his signing under wraps for some time waiting for the right moment to come out the gate swinging. For him and the team, that moment came with “Flowers”

“I kinda wanted to hold it down till flowers dropped, I wanted flowers to be the introduction to Rellyski is, I ain't someone who’s trying to brag like I’m the top guy, I just know people appreciate or at least I appreciate what I’ve done coming from what I’ve come from”

The decision to drop “Flowers” as the debut single came after the release of “Humble”, staying true to himself and of course humble the rapper explained that now coming from where he’s coming from and making it this far he was ready to introduce himself and receive his flowers.

“Ok I dropped Humble, I felt like Humble was an announcement like I been working, I’m talking about grinding since 2018 when I decided I was going to take music seriously and it's like once my deal popped up it was like oh it’s no more being humble I been underground I been grinding and then it turned into something where I get to introduce myself and there’s no more being humble and its like you gotta give me my flowers”

Check out the full interview above and listen to Rellyski on iHeartRadio below.

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